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Angry Gamers

So about a month ago, I was playing Modern Warfare 2 online on my PC. I was playing free for all mode and then I encountered this angry player. For 4 nights in a row I was playing this mode and this same kid was on. Every freaking time he gets killed, he trash talks nonstops. It’s like he types more than he plays. By the 3rd time I knifed him in the back, he went all caps and raged on and on. I found it so amusing to the point where I almost fell off my chair laughing my ass off. Also I had the voice receiver on mute cuz all the voice overs are just annoying in general so I assume the angry player was screaming or crying… who knows. But here are some of the examples this angry dude was typing:




“omg!!!! mother fuCking NIGGER!!!”


Oh angry gamers… ^_^

Last night I played the ground war mode and encountered another angry player. Typed almost the same exact stuff mentioned above but this time I think he was saying those directly at me cuz I killed him twice in a row. I decided to mess with this kid by saying “I love u” just for shits and giggles. And he was like “wow…”, then hasn’t type a single word for 15 min.

Btw, that video is not the angry gamers I played against. But it’s still damn funny. 😉

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