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Samsung TV is no longer quality

For a few weeks now, my LCD TV’s been clicking on and off repeatedly on its own. So I called Samsung to get it fixed which I was quite surprised they’re kind enough to send a local repairman to do that for free charge. Got my power supply board replace, then the TV started to work again. Yay?

A day later, same issue reappears. Did lots of googling and research to find what the problem is. The most common is the bad caps. So I bought cap replacement kits and soldering tools. I opened up the case of the LCD TV and found no problems with the caps. They all had flat surfaces. WTF? I didn’t understand what the problem was. Contacted Shamsung again, they responded with the most general BS they could give. “Unplug the power for 30 sec, etc, etc.” Then they said refer to this link for service repair. Charges may vary… Screw that! I ain’t paying shit. I had this TV for only 3-4 years and it cost around $1600. What’s worse is I bought it at a place that no longer exists, Circuit City.

After reading up many customer reviews and inputs on their LCD, I have to conclude that Samsung puts out faulty products from the start.

Time to move on to Vizio.

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