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anime/movie review: Gundam 00 – A Wakening of the Trailblazer

I’m sold.

I finally get a chance to watch this in somewhat proper translations.

*fanboy mode on*

Damn! Where do I start? O_O

This movie is so absolutely fucking amazing it’s ridiculous. It beats Char’s Counterattack in my book and on par with Terminator 2. Actually it might surpass it. Wow I’m must be high on something. To think I like this better than Terminator 2. The world is certainly coming to an end. 😛

This whole week, I’ve been watching nothing but this. I can’t bring myself to move to anything else. It’s just that awesome. Alright, rather than being vague here, let me point out the specifics.

  • The battle sequences are off the charts. It’s so intense that not even Code Geass, Macross Frontier, or Gurren Lagann can touch this. Scale cannot compare to intensity.
  • I like how the story gets straight to the point with no convoluted twist. Introducing aliens first time in a Gundam anime like this is the way to go.
  • It feels appropriate that the ELS aren’t some human shaped aliens cuz it feels more down to earth especially when 00 displays the most realism out of all the Gundam animes. ELS reminds me a lot like Fafner’s festum and Terminator 2’s t-1000 with all that assimilation and liquid metal transformation stuff.
  • I guess this movie proves Ribbons Almark is dead for good.
  • Graham and his squad pwning the ELS after Setsuna gets brain raped. That was my favorite battle. Just the way they animated that fight scene was fucking incredible.
  • The tension and suspense keeps you at the edge of your seat.
  • The ingenious concept of innovators and ELS hybrid.
  • Patrick being amusing and surviving (as always).
  • 00 Quanta’s design.
  • Harute 6 red eyes = badass!
  • Lockon = God beam spam.
  • The ending with the flower symbolizing peace and the epilogue showing the young Aeolia and many years later after the movie’s present time is really nice touch to the ending. The flowered 00 Quanta (pictured above) is stunningly beautiful. Oh and the message at the end. 🙂

*fanboy mode off*

If there’s anything I didn’t like in the movie, that would be the opening song. It’s the same band that did the first ED in the first season. I can’t stand punk music or rather, the vocals is death to my ears. Maybe if the song was instrumental, it could have worked out better.

One minor thing is poor Feldt getting the short end of the stick. Although I’m completely fine with the ending, they could’ve shown a little more in the epilogue like other characters.

Other than that, here’s my score.

Rating: 10/10

Oh wait, *quantum burst mode*

Rating: 100/10


On a side note: Haters are gonna hate.

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