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Yosuga no Sora 12

I know they were trying to heavily be dramatic in this last ep but some parts I burst out laughter. The first 10 seconds continuing from the previous ep’s cliffhanger, the girl who screamed and ran away (whatever the hell her name is), I LOLed. If I were Haruka in that situation, I’d be like… hey ladies, wanna join?

And the part where Haruka and Sora in the lake, it looked like they were trying to drown each other.

I don’t know if just me but the sense of scale on this bench seems to be off a bit.


Overall, I give the production team lots of credit for taking such a daring move on this series. Literally basing it off of an H-game. No cutting corners or whatsoever. I would like to see more series like this, minus the lolis (and incest).

I give this series an…


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