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live report: Skillet & Tobymac Winter Wonder Slam 11/12/2010




These videos were recorded from my ipod touch which is why the quality sucks and obviously, I wanted to enjoy the show for myself rather than focusing on recording.

Otherwise, hands down this is the best concert of the year I’ve been to. It’s such a blast seeing all those stage props and lighting boosting the enjoyment of the music. Although they never played my favorite song, Under My Skin, which is one of those songs they’ll never perform live, I was very satisfied they played Whispers in the Dark and The Last Night. I even invited a friend with me who never even heard of Skillet and then after the concert, he was very pleased and is now a new fan. ^_^ I really wish my other buddies can come to this event however they couldn’t due to whatever reason, or they’re just too chicken to join in. 😛

I found someone who recorded Awake and Alive in a better view and quality. Great intro speech by the way.


Tobymac was after Skillet’s but I’m not a big fan of hip-pop so I didn’t really care. There was only a couple songs I thought were tolerable. He did had some nice graphic visuals on the stage set. Oh well, at least he’s a Christian. ^_^

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