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Motto To LOVE-Ru… JaNai!

So I heard this is a remake or something, and it’s suppose to follow more closely to the manga. *looks up ANN info* Okay, a sequel……. really?

I gave the first couple eps a shot and my gosh, I need to recover those brain cells. The only reason why I gave the anime a 2nd chance is because I love the manga.

I don’t like how Haruna’s voice sounding too innocent to the core. Anything coming out of Celine’s mouth is like my ears getting raped by a screeching chalkboard.

The animation on Saki doesn’t give enough arrogance to her character.

What is up with the skin tone color on every girl? It makes them all look like sluts. Just look at the cheeks, it’s like their bodies are made out of jello. Oh that’s right, the animation production is by Xebec, the guys who recently done Lady vs. Butlers and Kanokon.

But the most important component that’s lacking is the comedic value. There wasn’t a single comedic scene that made me laugh sadly. I blame Seto no Hanayome for spoiling me.

So much better. I would buy the complete manga collection for To Love Ru if it ever gets licensed which will probably never happen due to some pedobear content.

In the end… Manga version > anime. Give the manga a chance if you haven’t read it. It’s soooo entertaining and full of laughter. I guarantee it. It’s on my top 5 mangas.

As far as manga adaptations go, Bakuman works out pretty well so far. I just can’t wait to see more Eiji.

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