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An interesting Gundam history article from ANN


I had no idea Gundam already had a live action before G-Savior, however it was on a CD-rom game. You can see the screenshots posted in that article. Now I gotta search for these on youtube.

This I thought was hilarious.

Yoshiyuki Tomino doesn’t think highly of the film; in my 2002 encounter with him, he commented, “I don’t know anything about G-Saviour… it’s the product of salarymen, regular office workers, trying to play producer and make movies. I work as a freelancer, and so couldn’t influence these salaryman producers, and I regret that.”

Another interesting bit is the Gundam novels made its presence in America way before the anime did.

And lastly…

As for their eventual release, former Bandai Entertainment marketing manager Jerry Chu was always fond of reassuring fans that the publisher had a lock on all of Gundam and would eventually release it. Years later, has the situation changed? Jerry’s successor, Robert Napton, comments: “I think previous Gundam series are always on the table as possibilities. We work with Sunrise and the Gundam committee in Japan about timing of the release of catalog series. It’s not a specific formula, it happens when it happens, so I can’t say for sure “when” but I think eventually we’ll see ZZ, X, and V-Gundam. Hopefully fans support Turn-A and Original Gundam, because when these releases sell well, it frankly makes the argument stronger to do more.

Indeed. I’ll be one of those who will buy Turn-A Gundam and possibly the original Gundam TV series. 🙂

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