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music review: SIAM SHADE Tribute

I never liked the original tracks for 01-02, 05, or 07. So I won’t be bothering with those. I’ll just review the covers of the original songs I do like.

03 1/3 no Junjo na Kanjo(Alt Ver.):
*band finishes recording*
Producers: “Great job guys! Now leave the finalization to us.” *band members leave*
Producers: “Oh shit! We forgot the synthesizers!”

Bastards! =( 5/10

04 Setsunasa yori mo Toku e(Alt Ver.)
*band members starts rocking out*
Vocalist: “Wait!!! I’m not ready yet!”
Other members: “Slow ass!”

>_< 4/10

06 Life (Alt Ver.)
“This song is too long for us foreigners. Let’s cut out 2-3 min!”
Seriously!? 4/10

08 Kumori nochi Hare
Finally a good cover with some exception of corny english lyrics translations. 8/10

09 Dreams
Whoa! O_O 10/10

10 Triptych(Alt Ver.)
The recording sounds too strong. The lead guitar stands out too much. Not bad though. 7/10

11 1/3 no Junjo na Kanjo
Yasu: “Hey guys, tune up my vocals more!”
Others: “Why? Your raw voice sounds good enough.”
Yasu: “NO! *takes the gun out* Tune it now!”
Junji: “I don’t like where this is going…”


Well there you have it. 😐

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