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My Top 10 Songs (Updated 10/25/2010)

1. SIAM SHADE – Kumori Nochi Hare
Feels like the melodies defines my past, present, and future.

2. D’espairsRay – DEATH POINT
Can’t stop chanting out “DEATH POINT, DEATH POINT, DEATH POINT!!!”

3. Skillet – The Older I Get
Singalong… singalong.

Too erotic to the point where all the hentai animes I watched can’t handle it.

5. SURFACE – Dilemma
Groovin & movin.

6. Red – Already Over
Christian music needs more bands like this.

7. Yuya Matsushita – 4 Seasons
Don’t know if I should feel embarrassed about this but I can’t help it when a song is too damn catchy. >_>

8. Hitomi Harada – MACHINE DOLL
Where this song is from, no idea. Maybe doujin manga or game but I really like it.

9. Kamelot – House On A Hill
A long cold depressing winter nights…

10. Red – Pieces
There’s this song that touches me from the inside. So uplifting and forgiving. 🙂

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