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NGEE KHIONG goes out with a bang

Yes it’s true. Link in the pic.

A few things he mentioned which is true in this current fandom whether it’s anime, music, or video games.

It seems to me that everything about Gunplas have improved, except people’s mentality and perception about it. Fan bases, extreme groups among the communities, elitists are all plaguing the Gundam and Gunpla community, and to be in the same community with them, helping them in their course of action by supplying them the news and information I would so want all other fans to enjoy and love, is very disheartening.

But to be sharing the same interest with some of those people who are going into the extreme is something very disheartening for me. The fun of hobby is ruined, and the possibility of a proper discussion is destroyed with so much negativity put in based on personal opinion and hatred. I scorned at such people, not as a owner of this blog, not as the source of the news as shown in the video, but just a normal human being.

Although, I think he’s overreacting a bit on this part.

Through a friend’s email, I watched how someone threw down a Wing Gundam from the top of a building and smashed it. Frankly, I couldn’t continue the moment I saw the smash. What was the video for I don’t know, but for me, it was very disheartening and cruel to watch. It’s not my kit, but somehow I feel the pain of the kit. All well and nice, but smashed for? I have no idea what the point of doing so at all.

I mean, let’s face it, it’s just a toy. It seemed like NGEE KHIONG had the video muted or probably skipped the first part cuz rrobbert184 did explain the reason for that little stunt there.

Sayonara NK. Thank you for providing us amazing fast Gundam/Gunpla info these past 4 years. 🙂

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