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tech review: iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Thinner does not mean better.

What I loved:



-Longer battery life

-Feels smoother especially around the square button

-Dual cameras

-Better speaker location

What I hated:

-The sides still curve to the back making it hard to press the buttons and it doesn’t help when the player is too thin for its own good. Every time I press the volume button, it always slips out of my hand. They should have just flattened the sides like the iPhone 4.

-iTunes. I’ve already explained how much I hated this shit.

-Photo quality is below a megapixel which is pretty sad. Oh well, at least we got a camera in this thing.

-Unable to jailbreak due to latest firmware =(

-A bit too pricey

Overall, the 4th gen is better than the 3rd. The thin curvy sides is the only major thing that bothers me. If the 5th gen gets this fixed, then it would be my ideal portable media player. =)

Rating: 8.8/10

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