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music review: Skillet – Awake | Mini-Concert @ Allstate Arena

I love Hero as the track opener.
Monster is such a great song to jump to at concerts.
I really like the uplifting feeling of Don’t Wake Me.
Awake And Alive is probably best song on the album with such an epic intro and beautiful female vocals incorporating it.
The chorus in One Day Too Late is memorable.
Forgiven gives off powerful emotions of bittersweetness and repentance making it the 2nd best song on this album. Truly an awesome christian song.
Dead Inside is another great track of symphonic rock.

Almost every track on Awake is freaking GOOD! I’m glad I bought their deluxe version of the CD.

Rating: 9/10


Just a couple hours ago, there was a Chicago Harvest event at Allstate Arena that goes on the entire weekend for FREE. I went there last night with my bible study group and it was one hell of an experience. David Crowder Band was there and performed an eargasmic song called How He Loves. And today, Skillet was there. Holy shit! They stole the entire show. Hero was the first song, then Awake And Alive. Right before they were gonna play the next song, they explained that it was a tribute to a suicidal girl who had life screwed up by many things. Along the lines, they mentioned a phrase, The Last Night, and that’s when my excitement grew even more cuz that, my friends, is my favorite Skillet song. Overall, very satisfying concert despite they only played 4-5 songs. ^_^

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