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iTunes 10 worserer

Just when they announced a new itunes update, I thought it’ll add new options and more to the preferences. Boy was I ever wrong cuz after using this for several days, nothing new was added other than PING. What sux about PING is, it’s worse than last.fm because you have to insert all this info crap like its a requirement to choose your gender. The thing doesn’t even show much in your profile other than stuff like reviews or events you’re gonna attend. I expected a last.fm sort of thing where it shows the songs you recently listened to but nope.

However this is the worst part of itunes 10. In order to restore your ipod, you have to freakin UPDATE the firmware before restoring. What the hell apple. UPDATE SHOULDN’T BE IN THE RESTORE OPTION. DID THEY FORGET THE MEANING OF THE WORD “RESTORE”? THERE’S A REASON WHY THE “CHECK FOR UPDATE” BUTTON EXIST. Do they hate jailbreakers that much?


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