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tech review: iPod Touch 32 gig 3G

What I love:

-The wifi goodness.
-More than just a portable music player. Plays videos and even games.
-The interface design.
-Some free apps.
-I can finally text msg other people without having to pay a single cent! Of course you need to download the free app.
-User friendly.
-The genius playlist mixes.
-Smart playlists.
-Shaking the player to shuffle.
-Great touch screen and bright lit.
-You can still use the device while it’s connected via USB

What I hated:

As I said before, I can’t stand using this piece of crap program. This is the most glaring thing about the iPod Touch. What sucks even more is this program is a requirement to use the device and that just pisses me off. Rather than having the simple concept of drag and drop, they force you to use the freaking program to transfer your media files. Every time I sync the damn thing, the program always crashes which forced me to use a 3rd party program for a little bit. It’s definitely a program bug but thankfully, apple released an update that fixed the problem.
Another major problem is the lack of syncing options. I want to manually sync JUST the videos, not both audio and video, but that’s the only option they have. So if I delete the files on my desktop, the files would also delete from my iPod.
Another thing that strikes me so stupid is photo transfer. You can’t choose individual files, only folders. This makes things so damn tedious for me because I have to make a new folder and either move or copy the pics to that new folder. There’s a manual transfer option for audio/video, but why not pictures?
And speaking of pictures, the album art sometimes doesn’t show in the player even though it’s already in the file. This is what I love about winamp, when the an entire album is missing an album art, I can just choose a song, then right click for options, it takes me where the album directory is and bam! The art is right there. Not only it does that but ALL the songs in that folder automatically gets the album art. Take that iTunes! Aside from iTunes features, the program uses up so much ram it’s ridiculous. I can’t multitask playing games and using this. One of the other will either lag like crazy or simply crash. My comp never lags when I have foobar or winamp on while gaming.
Going back to the lack of sync options, there’s one where you can have it covert higher bitrate songs to 128 AAC. I wish there was an extra option to choose which higher birates you can convert down to because since most of my music is 192+, it took forever to convert them all. I just wanted the 320 bitrates to be reduced!
Last complaint, the artist/band name has to be EXACT to every form of letter in order to avoid duplicates, meaning if you have the same artist name with one capitalized and one lower cased, you’ll have same artist in 2 groups. Arrrrgg. WHY DOES ITUNES SUCK SO MUCH? *pants*raaaaaaaaaaaaaage*

Okay enough of iTunes. Time for the device itself. Minor stuff.

-Some useless default apps such as Voice Memos, Notes, and Stocks. There’s no way to delete them.
-No sleep mode. Now what I mean by that is, it doesn’t have a timer to auto-shut off.
-Some apps won’t let you view in landscape mode like AIM Free. That’s a bummer since I have big fingers.
-For the alarm clock, there’s no option where you can have music set up as the alarm device.
-Many free apps, useless.
-Sound quality not so inspiring.
-Lacking advanced options in settings.
-Have to type your password every freaking time when you download/install a new app.
-Battery life is less than my previous mp3 player.
-Unable to rotate the photos when viewing or setting them up as wallpapers.
-Easily gets finger smudges on the screen.
-Cases and screen protectors are a little pricey. I’d recommend getting the SwitchEasy’s RebelTouch for case and invisibleSHIELD for screen protectors.

I think that sums up everything unless I forget something, I’ll update the post.

Rating: 7.5/10

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