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movie review: Predators

Okay. My favorite parts of the film were that dueling scene where the yakuza and one of the predators duke it out. Another one is the final fight between the main character and the predator boss. Watching this movie, it feels like an alternate retelling of the first one. What I don’t like about is the start of the movie.  It’s like you’re being thrown in the middle of things at the beginning. There are some major plot holes like who and why they sent those people down freefalling to be hunted by predators. Was the military or was it the preds? The main character makes assumptions on all of this but no proof is to be found. There was a scene where the girl explains what the predators are and stuff but my memory is a fuzzy whether or not her explanation has anything to do with being dropped off. Another thing I hated is how the other human races are treated. The first 2 that are killed are the mexican and the token black dude. Then another token black dude shows for only 5-10 then he gets killed right away. The ending is another thing that kinda bothered me. So the predator ship is destroyed which leaves the characters stranded on the planet, they see more people freefalling and parachuting, shouldn’t they take a look at who dropped them off in the sky? The who and why is never answered. At least some action scenes are pretty entertaining.

Rating: 5/10

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