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My Little History On MP3 Players

My first mp3 player was a 128 mb flash player which was 2003 I think. A very simple usb drive like drag and drop as long as they’re common music files. Capacity was pretty standard at the time. Sound quality was nice. The interface was pretty good for a flash player along with the settings. The best part is, I got this thing for FREE! However one major setback was, the color of this player was pink! I tried to color it all black with a permanent marker but it wears off within several hours. Just carrying this around in school was freaking embarrassing. So after a while, I stopped using it because the next one I bought was…

Samsung 512mb flash player. This was like the best tech thing I’ve owned back then. Sound quality was top notch, player size was great, capacity was just about right, best of all, it plays ogg files. I abused this baby like a mofo. This player can turn your earbuds into like 5.1 surround. I didn’t need PSP, this is where it’s at, until something happened. After abusing it so much, the headphone jack got screwed up. I could only hear the left side of the sound and then soon after, no sound. I tried fixing the thing but only made it worse. So therefor, this ended up in the garbage. So sad…

Next player, I gave the Creative Zen a shot. Alright, this player was a slight improvement over the samsung one. Since creative is the company that mostly sells sound cards, I figure they should have great mp3 players or so I thought. What I loved about Zen is the equalizer sound options and it was able to play videos! However, there was one glaring problem. It won’t play some MP3s! Seriously, this is a freaking mp3 player and it can’t play some mp3s I transferred. After a year and a half of using this, I was like screw it I’m moving on to a different player.

Back to samsung! YP-S3 was the shit… until I realized the shuffle play mode kept on playing through the same shuffled playlist unless if I add or deleted a song. Another thing was the sound options kept on reverting back to the default option even though it’s selected on the different one. The video played fine but the framerates kept on getting lagged so it’s like I’m watching stop motion film. The touch sensors were a bit annoying at times cuz it’s pretty sensitive. *sigh* Having this for a little more than 2 years, time to try out another player.

The Ipod Touch! I recently bought this a week ago wondering how this will go. Good thing is, there’s a 90 day return policy, so if I’m unsatisfied with the product, time to back to the store son! I’ll give my review of it in a few weeks. Will this be my ideal mp3 player? Find out in the next episode of… haha nah.

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  1. July 8, 2010 at 7:52 am

    information you provide is very useful for lovers mp3 player, to gain some useful information I will wait for the next episode of you 🙂

    • July 10, 2010 at 12:28 am

      Eh, it’s a very brief info but I’m glad if it’s helped you. I’ll give my iPod touch review in a few days.

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