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movie review: The Karate Kid (2010)

My memory on the original Karate Kid movies are vague so I can’t really compare but who cares. I thought this new one was pretty enjoyable. Any movie Jackie Chan is in, it’s a must see. But here, he casts away his usual comedic antics and takes an interesting approach on being a reclusive master. Later on, he shows an emotional side of himself which is pretty rare. There were some minor flaws in the movie. First is there’s too many americans in China. When the kid goes to school, nearly half the students are americans! Seeing 2 or 3 is more realistic but more than 20 is just… going overboard. 2nd, the kid (sorry forgot his name) makes friends with this white dude, but this guy only appears in the beginning and end of the film. Where was he when the main kid was getting bullied? Some friend he is. Third, I’m sure this controversy has already been stirred up, the movie title has “karate” in it but the kid only learns Kung-fu. Other than those minor flaws, I really liked it overall.

Rating: 8/10

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