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manga review: Kagetora

Want characters that’s an opposite of Toradora and a Full Metal Panic type of story with better handled romance? Kagetora is the answer.

Here’s the basic plotline. Kagetora is a ninja who’s assigned to train and protect someone from the city. That person is a girl named Yuki who’s a total klutz but soon to be the head of the family dojo. However upon his first meeting with Yuki, it’s love at first sight for him. The problem is, it’s forbidden for ninjas to fall in love with someone on their duty. Will Kagetora successfully complete his assignment or will his feelings for Yuki overcome his duty?

This is the 2nd best romance manga I’ve ever read. 2nd next to Karin and on par with Absolute Boyfriend. The only glaring things you see here are many cliches that appear in typical shounen or shoujo mangas such love triangles, hot spring incidents, beach fanservice, etc, etc. Otherwise, the ending is so good that it makes up for all cliche moments. Another thing I love about this manga is the 2 characters are able to confess their love to each other several chapters before the final one. One thing that annoys me to death especially in anime is when one character confess to the one they like within the last min of the final episode or chapter. To-LOVE-Ru is an example of that but unfortunately, the character confesses to the wrong girl(s).

Anyways, excellent manga! I highly recommend it. It’s definitely on my buy list.

Rating: 9/10

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