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Top 10 Anime Episodes

In no particular order.

1. Gurren Lagann: 11

This is where Simon finally mans up when he come in terms of Kamina’s death to the point he surpasses him in both will power and skill. Pretty much the development of Simon’s character stole the entire episode. He calmly digs out in the cavern while everyone is in panic state, delivering a Kamina style speech, and performing the giga drill attack all by himself. I still think he’s one of the best mecha protagonist up to date.

2. Outlaw Star: 20

This is a very tragic episode for Outlaw Star. It begins with the Outlaw Star battling against an enemy ship but ends in a draw as the Outlaw Star retreats from having a huge disadvantage. So the Outlaw Star gets stationed at a colony to get repairs and Jim Hawking does all the work. After pulling an all nighter, Jim goes outside into the city for a break, then he meets a girl with 2 cats. It’s love at first sight for Jim. After the Outlaw Star has finally repaired completely, the 2 characters depart promising they’ll meet again in the same, and then we see the girl is actually the pilot of the enemy’s ship. So Outlaw Star and the enemy ship dukes it out. It was a short battle but in the end Outlaw Star wins, easily. Without knowing at all who’s in the enemy ship, the Outlaw Star returns to the same station for repairs. Jim goes back to the promised place waiting for that girl but she never came. Definitely the best episode in the entire series.

3. Zeta Gundam: 49

Katz getting rocked. Seriously, because this character was such a prick throughout the whole show. His foolishness jeopardized missions, gotten people killed, and kept on stealing that G-Defenser. The moment where his death was caused by his drunken newtype piloting crashing into an asteroid made this my favorite Gundam episode ever.

4. Set No Hanayome: 12

The scene where Nagasumi was wiping Luna’s ass and the Terminator father barges in the room, EMERGENCY…EMERGENCY…JUDGMENT DAY…JUDGMENT DAY. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

5. Nyankoi: 4

While I dislike gender benders to death, this was very fun to watch. Our gender bender character is Nagi Ichinose. He wants to compete against the main character, Junpei, to win Kaede. So after some events, we later find out Nagi is a girl, and she’s attracted to anything that’s beautiful unromantically. It’s really amusing that she’s traumatized by thunder and lightning. Once Junpei somewhat comforted her, she becomes attracted to him adding herself to Junpei’s harem by the end of the episode.

6. Gundam 00 S2: 17

The battle scene with the destruction of the space elevator was epic. It also established Andrei as my 2nd most hated character in all anime.

7. Fafner: 16

This is a really good episode. Kazuki returns to his home island with his new upgraded fafner, Mark Sien. The festum they’re fighting is super tough and couldn’t leave a scratch on the guy. Then Kazuki brings out Mark Sien’s full potential revserse assimilating the festums and upgrades the firepower of any weapon it touches. But that wasn’t the only highlight of this ep. Kazuki was able to reconcile with Soushi once he knew all the crap he’s been through.

8. G Gundam: 44

In here, the episode tragically ends with Domon killing his older brother who’s being possessed by the Devil Gundam. All this time, Domon thought his brother was a criminal but when he finally realizes his brother was innocent, he had to kill him to set him free from Devil Gundam.

9. Read or Die TV: 13

At first, I thought was the last ep because the animation quality was at an OVA or movie level. Who would have thought using paper as a weapon would be so entertaining to watch? Great action.

10. Golden Boy: 4

I almost put Girls Bravo ep 17 but Golden Boy made me laugh within the first 5 min. The scene where Kintaro had to demonstrate his swimming skills to the instructors is the best one because of all the humorous facial expressions he was making struggling to swim. Everytime I rewatch Golden Boy, this is the one scene I always watch first.

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