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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Right when I was about to listen to Glay’s The Great Vacation Vol. 2 album, I see this garbage on screen. I swear my nerves boil every freaking time I see this on any jpop or jrock music download site. All these kanji tracks leaving you clueless to what song title it is! All I want is to know what songs I’m listening to. It doesn’t have to be translated english titles. Just convert it to english letters. Most people can’t read or write kanji, so why do you people do this!?


You know, sites like Jpopsuki or TaintedWorld are great places to download your Japanese music because imports CDs are too freaking costly and can add up to 3 times the price of a regular domestic CD. Most people don’t like to pay that much which is understandable. But, if you’re gonna share your music interest to a newer demographic, then write it in english dammit! Yes I’m pointing at you Jpopsuki, TaintedWorld, and some other J-music sites. Your sites are in english but the music files/info isn’t! Now isn’t there something wrong with that picture? I’m sure most new listeners won’t bother to listen to untranslated kanji tracks. I know I won’t because I’m not gonna listen to this Glay album until I get translated kanji tracks. It’s still sitting on my desktop for who knows how long, just waiting for the track names to be changed.

Update: Found the tracklisting at cdjapan. Took them long enough.

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