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“Shitai wo Arau” translates to “Disturbing isn’t Enough to Describe This!”

Where do I begin?

Okay, so  I downloaded this hentai because I was bored one day and I haven’t watched hentai for a couple months so I thought, what the hell. Might as well give it a shot. I didn’t know jack shit about this title but just by looking at the cover, it looked like a yuri hentai. Plus it was under the category of horror which I explains the eerie green background. It’s a 4 episode hentai that came a few years I think. I’ve only seen this raw but I was able to understand the basic plotline with my limited Japanese. Also, my memory is a bit fuzzy so I don’t remember all the stuff that happened. If I’m incorrect on my summary, I’m sorry? ^_^;

So I watched the first ep, looked pretty normal until the really creepy opening animation showed up.  It consisted of a dead naked female body floating up with one half of the body showing all muscle tissues and the other half all skin. It kinda reminded me of Ghost in the Shell‘s movie opening but not as creepy as this! So you have this main protagonist who’s starting a new night-shift job at the hospital hired by a sexy female director.  However this guy, he’s like a weak, timid main character who’s easily dominated by the people above him. Anyways, he’s at the director’s office and she forced these (sex) druggie pills in his mouth. So the main character becomes all delusional seeing all these strange disturbing images in his psychological state taken effect by the pills then the sexy director handjobs him for like 5-10 min. (*skimmed through that whole scene*) and he money shots nonstop until she stops handjobbing him. After that, he’s pretty much became the director’s lab rat for these drugs she tested on him. Then does his job by cleaning and scrubbing female corpses. He first gets freaked about it and pukes later on but then his co-worker tells him to suck it up and do the job newbie. So then the main character learns that the director is doing some type of necrophilia experiments with these corpses. Other characters get introduced. You have a short blue hair girl who’s the main characters girlfriend(?), a brunette nurse who’s kinda all over the place, and another who’s clumsy nurse with a romantic interest. I don’t remember how the first episode ends but here’s the round up for the rest. Wait, actually he bangs the crap outta the director and now she’s all happy the pills worked as the main character’s personality takes a split. *skimmed through all that part*

This is where it gets all fucked up. Main character randomly gets a boner, most likely due to the drug effects, he can’t seem to get it relaxed. Then the cute nurse with the romantic interests comes for the rescue. So they say down on the staircase, she blowjobs him and once again… nonstop money shot. Then the main dude freaks out as he sees more disturbing images in his mind and pushes the nurse making her fall down the stairs, hitting her head, thus resulting her death. With semen all over her face. Shocked by his own doing, he runs off, then bangs the director except this time with his evil personality. Then the nurse’s is taken to the necrophilia room where she’s revived by the co-worker. Somewhere after or before, blue hair girl gives her lunch box to the main dude. Then something pops out of the lunchbox (or was it somewhere else) and explodes spraying acid all over the blue hair girl. More than half of her skin melts off then the main dude unconsciously screw her as she cries in agony. And then when he reaches the climax, semen squirts out everywhere from her body. To think that this was screwed up but no it gets worse!*lots of skimming and skipping*

Blue hair girls gets necrorized, gets raped by the main character in rage mode. Mean while, the necrorized cute nurse willingly becomes the co-worker’s sex slave. Then the brunette nurse spies on the main dude while she masturbates, then main dude puts blue hair girl in a bondage cell, kinky stuff here and there. After all that, brunette wants to get raped by the main dude so he anal fucks her in the nastiest, bloodiest way possible. Blood gushes outta her ass like a hose. Then probably the most twisted, downright disgusting scene ever in the history of hentai. The director, necrorized cute nurse who’s not so cute anymore, and co-worker dude in a surgical room dismembering the blue hair girl’s boobs while she’s alive with a cue ball in her mouth and putting sushi on her sliced off boobs, then at the same time, she gets banged by the co-worker! X_X… In the epilogue, the main dude is all bandaged, which I don’t remember at all how he got injured, and the brunette nurse taking care of him. But then she blowjobs his bandaged dick! The end!

Now that I finally got that off my chest, here are my thoughts… What the fuck did I just watch?! Holy shit! This is beyond gross and creates a whole new level of nasty and disturbing. I thought my mind was being raped by my own vomit! Ugh, I swear, this title almost skewed me away completely from hentai. I definitely was not expecting something like this. From the opening animation sequence, it does give away the gross factor but sex involving guro? Hell no! This is even worse than the shit I’ve seen from Anime Central’s hentai panel several years ago. A lot of the hentai scenes I either skimmed through or just skipped. So ya, right after that last ep, I immediately deleted it hoping scars will vanish. My advice is… I don’t recommend this at all. Usually I say watch it for yourself so you can suffer the same way I suffered but this is the one exception I have to make. If you still want to see this, prepare what you’re about to see. It’s not for faint hearted.

Man, now I need to watch some light comedy or something. Can’t believe I wrote an essay length blog post. o_o

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