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Aucifer Reunites!

From ANN:

Lucifer, the real-life visual-kei band inspired by the band of the same name in Mayu Shinjo‘s Sensual Phrase (Kaikan Phrase) manga and anime, will reunite for a 10th anniversary live tour in Japan this summer. The band’s 10th anniversary website will open on Tuesday to announce further details of the concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Shinjo had revealed the existence of the 10th anniversary website in an April 8 blog entry and hinted at Lucifer‘s return.

Holy crap! I never expected them to reunite. That’s awesome! Although there’s only 4 songs I like (Regret, Tokyo Illusion, Dakishimeru hokani naniga dekirundarou, C no binetsu), I’ll definitely keep them in watch so I can hear those songs perform live once more.

I’ve seen both the anime and manga for Kaikan Phrase. While I did liked the anime a lot, the manga… not so much. Too much filler drama. But anime is pretty good because it mainly focused on the band’s musical career. It’s sad that this show is so underrated to the point where it never got DVD treatments which is why only the low quality mpeg fansubs are available.

Regret PV

Tokyo Illusion (Kaikan Phrase OP4)

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