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Rage Against Fansubs (the extended)

Alright so, after listening to Gundamn’s special episode, I glossed over another problem that’s been a trend ever since the new digital age started. Thank you Gundamn for showing me the light of another tunnel.

720p. 1080p. MKV. OGM. Bluray/DVD rips. Nowadays, everything is released in HD format. Anything released lower than that, fans will bitch and whine. Fans like them are the reason why anime industries in the US are dying because they’re not gonna buy it. These HD fansub releases should be banned! I think fansubbed animes should be kept as 480p and AVIs only so it can give the fans more desire to buy the DVDs/Blurays. I hate it when groups tell you to upgrade to the newer codecs and hardware in order to keep up with the new releases. It wasn’t like this 4-5 years ago because you can watch animes without any restraints on your computer, but now you have to do all this to watch the new animes like better spec PC and higher resolution monitors. It’s nice sometimes when fansubs put something like “If you like the show, please buy DVDs” in that sort of respect however it doesn’t help when they put out super high quality stuff with it. Now keep in mind, I’m only talking about animes that have a good chance of getting licensed. Animes like Macross franchise have no future overseas, so it’s understandable if those get released in HD format. Before the whole HD stuff began, there were DVD ripping groups out there and still exists now that release dual language and multisubtitle animes. I only find that exceptional when a specific anime industry goes out of business which makes DVDs to be soon out of print. Hence Girls Bravo, Read or Die TV, Fafner. =(

There’s also the issue of people bitching about buying and spending money on anime. You know what? Anime was never free in the first place! *Gasp* In Japan, news about authorities cracking down raw uploaders have been quite frequent and I don’t blame them for doing that. Recently, anime DVDs/Blurays are more affordable with its release on boxsets. Funimation just did a promotion on boxsets under $30 for series under 30 eps count. Even the Bluray boxsets are cheap as $40. That’s a great deal if you ask me. If you really call yourself a fan, don’t just download and store shit on your harddrive. Go out and support the industries! Thank them for their existence and efforts in bringing anime overseas.

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