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movie review: Clash of the Titans

I’m disappointed. The premise was interesting at first but fails to deliver. Perseus was gonna fight against the gods and I thought, “Oh cool! So it’ll be like God of War eh?” But he only fights against Hades. Yes Hades did attack his adoptive family however it was Poseidon that drowned them to death. Um, revenge on the wrong god Perseus? You know, if he kept Medusa’s head for a few more min, then he could have actually killed Hades rather than seal him in the underworld. It looks like Perseus is cool with Zeus being his father even though he’s born from rape. Action scenes were okay. Most of the time, it was all shaky camera movements which I hate so much. The set pieces looks cheap. One example is Zeus was wearing a shiny armor that a king would wear, doesn’t look godly at all. It’s lacking the epicness. I blame this on God of War for making me have this mindset.  😐

Rating: 5/10

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