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AMV Ideas

I haven’t done any AMVing since my Gurren Lagann video. However every new song I listen to or animes I watch, AMV is written all over it that is if it has potential. Of course there’s no way I can do everything that’s listed down but a good reminder if I ever go back to AMVing.

Anime: every Gundam series
Music: Gackt – The Next Decade
Objective: To make another all out Gundam AMV contributing the 30th anniversary except this time it will include all the Gundam animes (excluding SD stuff)

Anime: Black Lagoon
Music: the GazettE – Filth in the Beauty
Objective: Random action, focus on Levy’s character

Anime: Vandread
Music: move – Gamble Rumble
Objective: Random action

Anime: Random hentai animes I have in my hdd
Objective: Never made a hentai vid before so it’s worth the try

Anime: Code Geass
Music: Kamelot – Human Stain
Objective: Lulu’s and Suzu’s character tribute

Anime: Clannad
Music: LUNA SEA – Shine
Objective: I don’t know… the drama, romance, and comedy fits the tone of the song

Anime: Gundam 00
Music: T.M.Revolution – crosswise
Objective: Random action

Anime: Gundam 00
Music: HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – Over
Objective: Random action

Anime: Full Metal Panic TSR
Music: girugamesh – puzzle
Objective: Sosuke’s X Chidori’s tribute

Anime: Onegai Teacher
Music: GIRL NEXT DOOR – Fine after rain
Objective: To make an alternate opening

Anime: Code Geass
Music: HAL – al di la
Objective: Linear random action

Anime: Gundam Unicorn
Music: abingdon boys school – Shoisai
Objective: To make an alternate opening

Anime: Random mecha animes
Music: abingdon boys school – ReBirth+ReVerse, OST tracks
Objective: Gundamn podcast needs more attention in the anime community so therefor, I’m gonna advertise it

Anime: Gungrave
Music: girugamesh – nobody
Objective: Tribute to the show

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  1. CybKnight
    April 1, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    We have resonance of fate (PS3) in stock!

  2. Flame-X
    April 1, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Nice, I’ll have to pick that up once I got enough saved on me

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