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game review: God of War Collection / God of War 3 (PS3)

Is the anger, hate, and rage worth it?

Okay… Here’s the rundown on God of War Collection.

What I liked:

-Tough and challenging foes
-Magic powers
-More than 2 weapons
-Brilliant level designs
-Brilliant puzzles
-Variety of monsters
-2 games in 1 with a price of $30, great value
-very fitting music

What I fucking HATED:
-Rotating bladed pillars and bridge in hell
-Trap room with spikes that has an unreasonable time limit to push the boulder
-weapon choices, I’m serious, I don’t like any of the weapons Kratos uses
-Randomized button sequences on ingame cut scenes
-Some glitchiness on timing
-NO replay value
-I’m playing this on easy and it’s still hard as fuck. Do they not understand of the concept of EASY? There’s a reason why I played this game on easy so I can beat this game with ease without having to deal with any frustrations but noooo, it’s like they want me to be like Kratos, being all angry and hateful because that’s exactly how I felt. I don’t want just watered down AI level enemies, I want easy on trap levels and extended time limit to push these button sequences. You know how many tries it took me to finally get pass through that damn rotating pillars and bridge in hell? More than 20! Get rid of half of those blades for fucks sake! I’m probably forgetting a lot of others things I hated but otherwise, I was raging most of the time.

Alright God of War Collection, I’m gonna send you back to the bargain bin where you belong at Gamestop.

Rating: 7/10

Now time for God of War 3

What I liked:
Almost everything

Not liked:
-Still didn’t like the weapons
-You have to beat those stupid ass challenges in order to unlock the combat arena in the extras
-Pandora got on my nerves a little bit
-Still not much replay value
-Controller abuse due to button mashing

Rating: 8.8/10

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  1. Anonymous
    March 28, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Hey, maybe I trade you a $20 PSN card for the GOW collection? I haven’t played GOW2, though I guess I could also just go pick up a copy for like $3 somewhere.

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