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My Top 10 Greatest Hits (ACID)

Hideki’s(Siam Shade’s vocalist) dream was to see you guys popular enough to perform at the Tokyo Dome and you guys destroyed that dream! Damn you ACID, how dare you disband! =(

  1. Prayer
  2. FAKE
  3. SEED
  4. Existance proof
  5. Sekai ga Owaru Made wa…
  6. Sorrow in the box
  7. Life
  8. Brand New World
  9. 0:00 A.M.
  10. 15sai

 These 5 talented guys had so much potential to become a major band. Stuff like this can easily appeal to the mainstream rock audience regardless of what culture or society it is. Oh well, time to run down the first five. “Prayer releases a positive energy until it hits the seriousness on its verses. This song was used as the 2nd OP for Tokyo Majin anime. “FAKE” started off really soft until it hits the 18 second range that bursts out powerful low key guitar sound. It’s got one of the best pre-choruses I’ve heard. An almost nu-metal song like “Existance proof” can certainly impress the audience with its guitar riffs. The first 30 seconds are eargasmic. “Sekai ga Owaru Made wa…” sounds like something from an anime. Wait, it is! It was used as an ED song for Slam Dunk except it was by a band named WANDS. Speaking of WANDS, one of Abingdon Boys School’s guitarist was from that band. Anyways, Sekai ga Owaru Made wa… is like a 90s rock song but still pretty good by all means.

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