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My Top 10 Greatest Hits (Janne Da Arc)

They’ve been on hiatus for 3 and a half years now. Just disband already. Yasu has been successful on his solo career. Speaking of which, his solo sounds just like band’s music just slightly harder. What’s more is he recently got throat problems. So what chance do they have in getting back together? Nevermind…

  1. Wild Fang
  2. Mysterious
  3. seed
  4. Maria no tsumeato
  5. Love is Here
  7. Akai tsuki
  8. Diamond Virgin
  9. Mobius
  10. Vampire

“Wild Fang” is the first song that got me into the band. How? Through an AMV, that’s what. I love upbeat goodness pouring outta this song. The composition in “Mysterious” really made it stood out from most of their songs. At the last chorus, double bass drumming takes a blast off which is rare for a pop rock song. If anything describes stylistic and sexy, “seed” fits right in the bill. Not only it’s catchy as hell but the song writing feels so natural. Everything flows so well transition on one end to another. I can’t imagine any rock or metal fans hating this song. “Maria no tsumeato” sounds “Beat It” from Michael Jackson. A perfect gangster fight theme song. I’m sure it’ll fit in movies like Outsiders or West Side Story. Every time I listen to “Love is Here”, Final Fantasy images or something magical keeps stirring in my head. The mood sets the tone nicely for that type of genre.

Honorable Mentions:
Kiss Me
Lunatic Gate
feel the wind
7 -seven-
Kyuuseishu -MESSIAH-

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