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This poor fellow suffered more than me

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As I noted before, Fraud is my most hated level in the game. And this is the main reason why. For this part, it took me 15 min the most. This guy, it took him 34 min. I’m surprised he was still trying to beat it by using the same methods. At that point, I would’ve just put down the controller and give a big F U to the screen. The way I beat this part is just stick with the basic scythe combo. Do not use any specials and don’t try evading. Just keep mashing the square button. Oh and don’t forget to set up the relics because those can help a lot.

Just to continue my rants, Fraud is also the worst level design out of all the circles. It’s just a series of platforms! What the hell is this? I haven’t read the actual Divine Comedy yet but from what I read in other websites, Fraud was divided into 10 parts. I don’t want 10 recycled platforms, I want 10 actual different level designs. Part 7 of the 10 featured a Trojan Horse shown as a deception. So rather than these stupid platforms, EA could have done a level design based off the Trojan Horse. Talk about wasted potential. There was one part of Fraud in the game where you have to protect the innocents. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE INNOCENTS DOING HERE? They should be in heaven for Christ’s sake! Lastly, staying 7 or 8 second in the air attacking, grrrrrr.

I also hated the level design on Treachery. So yes, you’re on icy area, but you don’t see any freakin souls! All you see if this giant head who blows cold wind at you. Then you go through this fragile ice bridge that literally takes you 4-5 min and after that, fight satan himself. Yep, that’s it, not even a treachery exclusive monster (well not to say that Fraud had one either). What a short ass and utterly disappointing level.

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