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First Impressions: Gundam Unicorn ep 1 (OVA)

Just seeing Gundam Unicorn transform into Destroy mode made my day. Even the cockpit transforms! As far as visual goes, I love the mecha and character designs. It’s got the old school-ness style with today’s quality standards. Battle choreography is better than expected. The fight sequences inside the colony are exciting watch. I like how the grunt suits can hold their own when they’re damaged. In series like Wing, SEED, SEED Destiny, sometimes X, and sometimes 00, if the mobile suit doesn’t have the Gundam’s name on it, then it’s a piece of crap. One little shot explodes the suit in those shows but in here, even with all the limbs cut off or destroyed, grunts can still get away with it. As for story, there’s not much I can comment here until I see translations. However we do see some traditional Gundam cliche such as accidental teenage pilot and pilot’s father created the Gundam. We see Londo Bell here but not portrayed in a good way, of course Neo Zeon is no different. Makes me wonder if Bright will make an appearance. We don’t see “Full Frontal” in this ep which is kinda unfortunate. So there’s a chance he’ll appear in the next episode. I have no idea when the 2nd episode is coming but this is good stuff. The first bluray will be available in March 12. Link is here. I wish I can buy this but 34.99 is a bit too pricey for me. I’ll probably wait for the boxset or something.

UPDATE: Ep 2 will be out in Fall.

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