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game review: Dante’s Inferno (PS3)

Well that was shorter than I thought.

This was my most anticipated game ever since I played the demo but my expectations were too high. 
-Gameplay is bloody addicting, very satisfying combat mechanics
-60fps makes it look so smooth and fluid
-Creature design looks fantastically disturbing

-Some level designs especially on the Gluttony and Greed
-Amazing CGI cut scenes, realistic looking
-Storytelling on 3 different mediums
-Upgradable attacks on both weapons
-Sound Effects
-Story adaptation fairly well executed

-Glitchy; first glitch I encountered was while fighting Cerberus.. one of the heads struck me so hard that it literally knocked Dante out of the game meaning he clipped out of the level design floating in dead space, 2nd glitch is Cleopatra’s delayed animation when I pulled the switch to put her on fire then her whole body froze throughout the entire elevator part, 3rd is on the Greed level when you go into the puzzle room however this happens when you go back to the save point and back to the room again.. you’ll notice the R1 command button disappeared meaning you’re screwed… start the game over again. =(
-Too short, roughly 10 hours, and a couple circles can easily be done within 5-10 min
-Respawn points are often frustrating because you have to start over again from specific locations of the level
-Lack of creature varieties, makes no sense for like lust monsters to appear at the circle of anger
-DDR style absolving, it’s a waste of time and makes me wanna go for unholy path
-Camera angles in some areas
-Annoying puzzles
-Fraud and Treachery lazy level design
-Satan/Lucifer doesn’t look very much the way he’s described in the poem, where are the 3 biggest traitors on each mouth? He’s supposed to be confined in chains
-Rounds in Gates of Hell Arena, I rather have just 1 round with waves of enemies coming in at me kinda like Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries or survival mode in some other games

There’s my condensed review. I don’t feel like typing an essay. As for my closing thoughts, this is a good action game despite of its flaws. I highly recommend this to any action gamers. If you don’t want to spend $60, rent it. It should only take a couple days to beat.

Rating: 7.5/10

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