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game review: Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)

Wow. That was the happiest and certainly one of the best ending I’ve ever seen to a video game.

By the way, I’ve seen the anime version before playing the game so let’s just preference that as I’m writing this review.

This was definitely one of those games that was on top of my list to buy when I got the PS3. Before that, I enjoyed the anime TV series that started almost a year ago, then I really wanted to play the game version to see any differences in the story. I thought it was gonna be a real time RPG but the game turned out differently, in a good way.

The gameplay is a mix of turn based and real time strategy. When I was playing the demo, I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I just kept on dying as I was going through trial and error. The whole premise is very interesting because it starts off from an overhead view of a map where all the units are layed out kinda like a board game. Then when you pick a dude, it zooms in on the map transitioning to the 3rd person view of the unit and you can control them by having them run around or shoot. The whole real time thing applies when you run near an enemy that’s facing your direction then starts firing at you. It’s a pretty unique system and I like it.

Even the graphics are unique on its own. It’s like celshaded water colored paint accompanied by splendid animation. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen it in this style. As by looking at the cover, the characters designs are obviously anime like. I also like the comic book gimmick they added in the visual design most noticeably in the gameplay. It’s adds some charm to it.

The best treat this game offers is the Japanese language track. Not to say the English dub was bad, infact it’s actually pretty good. However if I were to choose, I have to give a slight edge to the Japanese. My only problem with the dub is the mouthing being off more than half the times. The problem with the Japanese is the subtitles. Those subs are only matching to the dub so almost half the translations are off. It was hard choosing between the 2 but I ended up sticking with the Japanese.

The story takes place in an alternate WWII with some mystical powers added. I really don’t have much to comment on the story portion other than being ordinarily good. The story of Valkyrurs was pretty interesting especially when you into Faldio’s room and read all that stuff. I just wished they picked better villains because Maximilian was stale, unoriginal, movie stock villain. Jaeger was the only sympathetic one outta the main villains.

The music! Oh man, it’s so good. So beautiful and relaxing. It’s like one of those scores that lets your mind wander peacefully as the wind takes you. Lately, I haven’t been into much game OSTs since Final Fantasy but this really stood out to the point where I burned a disc and let it roll on my car’s cd player. My fav tracks are “Beautiful Gallia”, “Desperate Fight”, “Randgrith City”, “Hope for Tomorrow”, “Street Fighting”, “Quiet Chat”, and “Succeeded Wish”.

There are some drawbacks however with Valkyria Chronicles. While I read other reviews on the game, I agree with the fact that the AI is rather stupid at times. One of my shocktroopers was at near death and this enemy lancer could have taken him/her out. This lancer was at point blank range, he fires and MISSES! Another example is during the enemies turn, a scout keeps on running into the line of fire eventually dying off. Is he trying to suicide or what? The next issue is the bad camera angles that happens when you’re in close quarters. Most likely behind a wall or certain obstacle. My final complaint is not being able to pause or fastfoward the whether it’s cut scene or enemies turn. There are times when the enemies take too much time to make a move that makes you impatient or when you suddenly have to go take a piss and not being able to pause. Other than that, I don’t have anything else to complain. As for story and character, I’ll get into more specific points below comparing the anime and game.

Anyways this is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who owns a PS3.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Anime vs. Game

Ok. Here’s the first thing I like to mention on something I so hate in both formats. General Damon. This guy, he’s literally a fat fucking troll. That’s the only way to describe him. He doesn’t gave a shit about anyone other than himself. Does this fat fuck even care about winning the war? He made squad 7 go out in numerous suicide missions. And yet, he looked so happy. How this guy became the general of the militia is beyond me. At least he dies but I wished he died earlier in a more miserable pathetic death like have a Gallian tank fall on top of him much as a Gouf Ignited fell on top of Yuna Roma Sieren from Gundam SEED Destiny. I hate Damon to death. He’s about to become one of my top 10 most hated characters.

Now let’s talk about Faldio since there’s been quite a controversy surrounding this guy. I really liked his character in both formats. In the anime version they put a lot more focus on him than in the game making him the most likable male character. He’s more mysterious and somewhat emotionless it seems in the game. The incident where he shoots Alicia is when controversy begins. I actually prefer in the anime version because you can see how traumatized he was after the event of his squad being wiped out completely by Selvaria. While he’s anguishing to shoot her, the quick flashbacks made him struggle to either choose his morals or sacrificing it for Gallia’s survival. I really like how that was executed in the anime. In the game, they made it a mysterious sniper who shot Alicia. While it was justifiable what he did as written on his notes, he didn’t seem to have much of an expression when Welkin enters Varrot’s room.
Another thing about Faldio is his death. The anime version had him go through such a pathetic death scene by grenading himself to kill nameless grunts. All that time spent on him has been led to waste. The game was slightly better but, did he really needed to die along with Maximilian? He’s already redeemed himself by killing the guy. All he could have done is drag Maximilian to the edge, then kick him off and Faldio’s home free. Unless if the writers wanted to kill him off that badly, then put him situation where it’s impossible to avoid death or, I don’t know, just come up with better ideas.

Another thing I liked in the game better than the anime is Welkin after Isara’s death. They made him such an emo for 2 eps in the anime. But in the game, he easily got over it with a span of a single book page. I liked how much of an airhead Welkin was in the beginning of the series. It made him such an amusing character along with Alicia.

Speaking of Alicia, she is definitely my favorite character whether it be game or anime. She’s very charming in the game. In the anime, she’s cuter, uptight, and amusing as hell with all variety of facial expressions she makes.

LOL! She’s so lovable!
The Edelweiss. Why is this tank so invulnerable in the anime? What is this, Strike Freedom tank? The armor just deflects all the enemy tank shells. Why can’t it do that in the game? Oh that’s right, the anime was made after the game. Gah!
The most touching scene in the game is when a dying imperial soldier enters the cabin with Welkin and Alicia. They try to tend the wounds but of course it was too late. The soldier died peacefully. When the enemy squad leader and his 2 men came in the scene the next day, they quickly realized Welkin and Alicia weren’t bad people after seeing the medical supplies and the grave as they talk for a bit. I thought that’s very important scene to help remind Welkin and Alicia that the enemy are human beings too. Yes, I almost teared.
In the anime, it was really hostile with the dying Imp soldier who had a grenade in his hand threatening Welkin and Alicia to treat his wounds. They ditched the plot with the enemy squad leader and Welkin talk. That pissed me off.
And lastly, the Valkyrias. Why can’t I use Alicia permanently in Valkyria form? We should take advantage of that form and pwn the enemies! And it doesn’t make sense for someone as powerful as her to remain in my squad. I don’t think General Damon even knows about her powers. If he did, he’d immediately recruit her into his elite squad just like in the anime.

So which do I like better?
Hmmm…….. Tough call. I’m gonna have to say the game because the ending was like one of the best I’ve seen.

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