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anime review: Gundam 00 Special Edition 1 “Celestial Being”



Well, that was somewhat a neat treat.

I was excited when I heard there was gonna be 00 compilation movies coming out but when I found out it’s gonna be 3 movies total, I was bit cautious because SEED’s special editions were horribly edited to the point, even if you’ve seen the show, it still makes no sense to you. However, 00’s staff is not from SEED’s so that had me cautiously optimistic. Zeta Gundam new translation movies also had 3 total which somewhat was a compilation, also a remake but they were edited well enough to understand the story for the most part (not for the better I would say). Although it still had me wonder how 3 movies will work out covering 2 seasons.

Let’s start off with the things I liked. Lots of new footage here and there especially the action scenes. I really like how they ramped up the Dynames action scenes that was shown in ep 6. In the original TV series, all they showed is Dynames just standing there and shooting without moving around but here they actually made it more dynamic by having Dynames fly around getting close to the enemies pistoling the grunts and dodging all the enemy fire. They also animated more of Exia’s scene that was also shown in ep 6 with some new angles and using the wrist vulcans. Another thing they added was the extended scene with Lockon’s death where you actually see his body floating away after GN armor explosion. Before that, GN Armor Dynames was given a chance to use Trans-Am which was exciting to see. So that part was completely reanimated. That’s pretty much all I liked, for the most part.

Now for what I didn’t like, this could get ugly but I have to make this short.
The biggest mistake the staff did was trying to cover an entire 1st season, 25 eps worth of material, compressed into a 90 min movie. I thought this movie was gonna cover 2/3 of season 1 when the 3 movies total thing was announced but nope. It’s unbelievable, I mean holy crap! The editing is just atrocious. Almost as bad as SEED’s or perhaps even worse. Lots of character introductions have been glossed over. Transitioning problems. Many scenes cut in half. Almost all the character development scenes were taken out. There’s just so much I lost the count. One example I remember at the moment is the scene where Exia first fights against Graham in his custom flag then the scene cuts to Exia’s first fight against Sergei in his custom tierren which happens half way across the world. The pace of this movie is blasting full speed nonstop. There’s so much happening at once that there’s no room to breathe. What I got at the end of this movie was a headache. You know, I don’t think the staff realize the whole point of compilation movies is to watch them without seeing the TV series or going back to them having seeing them, otherwise this is just catering to the fans. If this had been a 2 hour and 30 min film, then it might have worked out better. Aside from the clusterfuck editing, this is my personal dislike but they portrayed how Alejandro Corner was gay for Ribbons. *shivvers* They show a scene where Alejandro hugs and kisses Ribbons and when they’re at some hotel room having drinks. It’s like, oh gosh please stop with the yaoi overtones, seriously. It’s an added scene I thought was unnecessary.

As bad as this movie was edited, it gives me hope for the 2nd and 3rd movies since both will cover season 2. So hopefully, the pacing will flow a lot better.

I only recommend this to those who’ve seen the TV series because it’s obviously not good enough to be a stand alone movie. The reanimated action scenes and added clips are worth the watch. There aren’t any significant changes to the story so you can watch it without really paying attention to the dialogs or skip’ em.

Rating: 3/10

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  1. balancebox
    January 21, 2010 at 12:07 am

    Alejandro Corner was hugging Ribbon that’s so GAY HAHA

  2. BG
    January 22, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Wow, surprised this is out already. I know what you mean about the Seed ones- I tried watching the movies first, and it was horrible.

    Also, BTW, I tried out Tamiya Light Gunmetal spray paint for the inner frame on my newest model, and I love the way it looks. I’ll have to show you.

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