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game review: Xenosaga (PS2)

Finished this game a couple days ago. Xenosaga sounds like an epic RPG, or so I thought. The opening cut scene caught my interests with whole team of archeologists inserting this plot key into the matching imprint. Then these mysterious architectures rising up from the bottom of the lake making its way to the surfacing. And here, the operatic theme makes its entrance. I felt the chills going down my spine just thinking how awesome this might this be. Unfortunately, the awesomeness ends there.

It’s strange that this cut scene has realistic looking characters and the rest of the game doesn’t. What the hell happened? Another thing is, this is only cut scene where it looks fully rendered CG while the others have in-game cut scenes kinda like in Resident Evil 4.

Anyways, I was rather disappointed with the overall game. You have this predictable pattern of cut scene, gameplay, cut scene, gameplay, cut scene, boss fight, longer cut scene, gameplay, cut scene, and so on. It would help if there were more save points especially right before the cut scene since they can long up to 15 min. The characters were somewhat annoying such as Junior and Shion. Junior’s voice is what irks me but for Shion, she such whiny bitch who’s too attached to her emotions and makes some really stupid decisions that puts the entire party in danger. How did she even qualify for being chief engineer of KOSMOS project? As for the gameplay, imagine playing Xenogears with 3D graphics but slower and bit clunky then eventually putting you to sleep (and speaking of Xenogears, there are these kids who resemble Fei and Elly, is this supposed to be some prequel to Xenogears?). It’s pretty average battle system. Sometimes the specials take too long to do its thing and gets you frustrated because it’s such a waste of time. The final thing that bothered me was the escape ending. Just the way the Elsa escaping from the giant fortress in space resembled Return of the Jedi too much where the Millennium Falcon escapes from the exploding death star. I mean it’s not such a big deal but come on guys, show us some originality.

There are some things I did like in Xenosaga. Starting off with the obvious, the opening scene. 2nd is Kos-mos’s character design. I just love that illuminating blue hair and the outfit. It’s a very attractive design and stands out the most out of all the characters. 3rd, is Chaos. He’s probably my favorite party member because he’s calm and collected even in the most hectic situations. Everything about this guy is a mystery which is why he’s interesting. It’d be great if they showed some of his back story.

Will I play the sequel games? Probably no. I don’t know, maybe I’ll skip to the 3rd one. Either way, I want my 30 hours back.

Rating: 5/10

If you wanna play sci-fi RPG with less gameplay and lots of cut scenes, Xenosaga is for you.

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  1. BG
    January 22, 2010 at 8:00 am

    I heard this was originally supposed to be a Xenogears prequel, but they created some continuity issues and ended up just calling it a spinoff. Either way, if you play through Xenogears, you’ll see why those Fei/Elly characters might be significant.

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