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game review: Uncharted (PS3)

Somewhat late review.

This was my first PS3 game that came with the system, so here it goes.
Uncharted 2 had already been acclaimed as the best game of 2009. So I thought, hey if the 2nd game was that good, then let’s see how the first one is.
After playing the first few hours, it was like Tomb Raider meets with Indiana Jones like most people say. I never liked any of the Tomb Raider games but Uncharted was fun. I actually managed to beat the game when I suck at shooters on console(except for Resident Evil 4). For me, keyboard and mouse is the way to go. But thankfully, the gameplay made it easy for me to control. While Uncharted was good, there are still things that piss me off during the game.
Here’s a quick round up of the good and bad.
-Beautiful rendered environments
-Excellent gameplay
-Straightforward levels
-Realistic character animation
-Smart AI system
-Great voice acting
-Puzzle difficulty done right
-Intriguing storyline
-Likeable characters

-Climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, and more climbing
-Forces the player into battle without getting prepared
-Enemies eat up tons of bullets, took me 3 headshots to kill a single grunt (no kidding!)
-Limited carrying up to 2 guns
-Single player only
-Replay value is very low
-Few technical flaws in the story
-Sensitive aiming controls

Rating 7/10

Overall, this is a worthy title to play. As for keeps, not so much. You can replay the game for earn more achievements but I could care less. The first Uncharted left me a good impression so now I can’t wait to play the sequel. =)

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