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JaME’s Best of 2009

Time for my little 2 cents here.

“Best Artist #1: miyavi”
You’ve got to be joking. I don’t listen to his music or anything but this guy hasn’t released anything new for an entire year! Compilation albums don’t count. How can Miyavi be voted as the artist of the year if he hasn’t released a single new song? My guess is, fangirls. Ok fangirls, if all you care about is looks, GTFO! Go look at boy idol bands. This is about music, not how pretty they are.

“Best Album #1: Alice Nine – Vandalize” and “Best Single #1: Alice Nine – Hana”
*scratches head* Really? I rarely listen to alice nine these days but none of the songs from these two releases leave me any impact. Can’t even remember a single track on top of my head. No offense but this is one of those albums/singles you forget within the next day right after listening to it the first time. Dry and empty.

“Biggest Surprise #3: SUGIZO joining X JAPAN”
How is this even a surprise? It was so obvious since 2006 when SKIN was born (whatever happened to that band).

“Worst Disappointment #1: Various musicians passing away: Jasmine You (Versailles), Kaori Kawamura (Sorrow, solo), Masahiro Shimura (fujifabric), Kiyoshiro Imawano (RC Succession, solo), Futoshi Abe (THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT)
It would make more sense for this to be in “Biggest Surprise”.

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