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Rage Against Fansubs (part 5 & conclusion)


Inuyasha 2

Some random anime from OtaKing’s Fansub Documentary

Nothing is more ridiculous than fansub groups trying to compete against each other. I don’t get this. What’s with the hostility? There are groups accusing each other for “stealing” their subs acting as if they have exclusive copyright ownership. Since fansubs are technically illegal, do they have the right to complain? The whole point in fansubbing is to get the fans to watch updated animes. As an AMV creator, I see tons of people taking and uploading my AMVs onto their own youtube as if they made it, especially the Bleach videos. I admit I was a bit salty at first but I realized that I forgotten the fact on the whole purpose of AMVs is to contribute the animes they like and get people into it just like fansubs. I have no copyrights or associated with the anime or the music, so yes like fansubs, AMVs are harmlessly illegal but lesser. Anyways back to the point with fansub competition, I noticed a few groups out there who take other subs to modify it whether it be font size or style, encoding to different file formats, fixing grammar, or whatever. I think that’s fine. Modifying to make it better helps for people to enjoy more. Again with the whole AMV thing, I found one person on youtube who took edited parts my Code Geass video and insert it in their video. Although that person’s AMV kinda sucked, it actually got people into the show. As a fan of Code Geass, that makes me happy.

Due to all the fansub atrocities I had to go through, I was forced to watch raws for less than a year. With my limited Japanese knowledge, I was able to understand almost half of what the characters are saying but not knowing the other half was frustrating. I had to look up blogs such as Random Curiosity or some anime forum to get the full jist of the eps. Then it just got tedious after a while so I stopped with the raws and went “screw this, this is a waste of time”. Without any other choice, I went back to watching fansubs (ya, ya, go ahead and call me a hypocrite). Few groups decided to stop doing karaoke which made it a little more watchable. Footnotes and lazy translation still wages on. In the end, DVD subs are much better however, I’ve been hearing the industries has started doing fansub’s methods by leaving the honorifics in. If that’s true, then DVD companies have been infected with this disease of weeabooism. The future of anime being released in the US is at stake. I sincerely hope all fansub groups drop the flashiness and work like pros subbers. The whole point of why I brought this up is for people to understand where I’m coming from. I’m not trying to senselessly bash at something I hate. If I did, then I’d be a troll. I try to back up all my points of with legitimate reasons. Whether you people agree with me is completely up to you. This is merely 2 cents.

If anyone hasn’t seen this yet, do so. It does a much better interpretation on the fansub criticism. While OtaKing does go a little overboard, I still agree with him for the most part.

Interview with OtaKing’s take on Fansubs

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