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Rage Against Fansubs (part 4)


Chrome Shelled Regios

Gundam SEED Destiny

Gundam 00

Terrible. Just terrible. These are examples of fansub groups do today with OP title. They enforce their group names onto the OP right next the anime title matching the same font art and style. I wonder how the creators will feel if they see this. And while the OP sequence is playing, you see forgettable fansub staff member names placed anywhere in the OP or ED. No one will give a damn about who translated, edited, provided the raws, encoded, typesetted, timed, quality checked, karaoke’d, and founded. It’s like photoshopping someone’s art and writing your name all over it. How would you like it if your art was modified by someone else however you were never given credit for being the original creator? Unless if you’re one of those people who loves to hang out in their IRC channel just to get close to them so you can be an arrogant elitist like they are (-this was back when AnimeJunkies was around). Sorry I rather hang out with the creators and voice actors instead. A proper way to credit what you’ve done is to put it on your website. Another way is to insert black footage at the end of the video and put the credits there like how official anime DVDs do it. Otherwise, this is just disgusting to look at.

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