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Rage Against Fansubs (part 3)



Lucky Star


When you’re peacefully watching an anime DVD on your TV, it feels better when subs are at the bottom staying where they belong. What happens when you have these footnotes appear outta no where while the subs are already showing at the bottom so you can grasp what the characters are saying? You have to read faster in order to catch both the subs and the footnotes or press the pause button. Doing that disrupts your viewing flow. Fansub groups feel the need to put this unnecessary info on top so we can understand the show better. Alright, so rather than inserting all that crap in the show, why not put all that on the website? Take my first screenshot for example. You see 9 lines of subtitles covering the screen which in some cases can be worse than karaoke. We can google “positive feedback” ourselves if we don’t know what it is, but do most of us really care what it means? We’re not taking physics class here, we’re watching anime for fucks sake! Let me bring back the whole lazy translation thing and take the 3rd screenshot for example. On the subs, it says, “Yaanaunkami”, and on top, it tells us what it is. Okay so why not just put “Forest God” on the subs rather than “Yaanaunkami”? Not only it gets rid of the translation note but also saves fansub work. Of course it’s not just translation notes on top. Historical, trivia, cultural, science, and whatever you can think of. If the creators of the show didn’t show that crap on TV then it shouldn’t be on the fansubs as well. Sometimes we’re insulted seeing footnotes on something we already know like the 2nd screenshot above. People who’ve been watching anime or reading manga for more than half a year should know those genres. Anyways, we the viewer want to watch our shows at ease. Don’t add more crap for us to read especially if it’s not relevant to the show. Take all that shit off the screen! I think that’s all for this section.

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  1. Fansub Xpert
    December 6, 2009 at 7:23 am

    You’re totally right on this one. If anyone really cares enough about some subtle detail, they’d do the research themselves- it’s unneccessary to clog up the screen with these details.

    A lot of DVDs offer additional popup notes as an extra feature, for those really hardcore fans. Normal people just want to watch it normally. If they’re really set on it, perhaps release 2 versions?

  2. Flame-X
    December 6, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Exactly! Releasing 2 versions or have another subtitle option on an mkv file but with the non footnotes version set on default would be nice. ^^

    I don’t remember for sure but in my Excel Saga DVDs, they had bubblenotes that were actually amusing to see. Those I can accept but with footnotes showing ridiculous facts is a no.

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