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Rage Against Fansubs (part 1)

Back when internet was still in its infancy, it was difficult to obtain any animes, especially the ones that weren’t out in America yet. The only animes you can get were videotapes from Blockbuster that were mostly ultra violent titles such as Ninja Scroll and Ghost in the Shell, but nowadays with internet being mainstream, anime can easily be downloaded off the net within a matter of minutes. Of course the commonly fansubbed anime. Although fansubs are free to download and watch, they’re still illegal but harmless. There are technical things within a fansubbed anime that can be quite irritating to the extreme which makes you wonder… are fansub groups doing this for the fans or just to show off their skills? I’ll post down below some screenshot examples to explain those irritation along with some angry comments.



Aquarion OP

Macross Frontier 01

This is like the number one thing and the first one I noticed that annoys the crap outta me on fansubs. Is this even necessary? What is this? Some Disney sing-along show? I want to see the animation of the OP/ED scenes not 3 fatty lines of text hogging the screen. First is the romaji, 2nd is the translation, 3rd, which I don’t understand at all why groups decide to add this, is kanji. Putting kanji on the list is so beyond me. Some people say they want to learn as an excuse for having karaoke kanji. If you want to learn kanji, go take the fucking class! Anime is entertainment, not a learning material. Anyways, back to subject. Is karaoke relevant to the characters or story? Of course not! 95% of the songs have no relations to the anime. Most importantly, no one really cares. Most people just skip the OP/ED scenes because they already seen it once or twice already. Why waste your time watching same thing more than 10 times in a row? Unless if you really it then OK fine. Besides that, you know what’s really embarrassing about karaoke? The fact all of them have some lame special text effects that makes it so childish. Now it really does look like some Disney sing-along show. It’s hysterical how much effort they put into this rather than the translation and video encoding. Let’s not forget about insert songs. Let’s take Macross animes for example. It’s a mecha anime with music as one of its primary themes of the show. Pretty much every episode there’s an action scene with someone singing in the background. Here’s an obvious question. Would the action scene be more enjoyable with or without karaoke covering half the screen? This includes regular subtitles since a character will be talking and in worse case scenario, footnotes added in all at the same time. You can’t even see the animation. Seeing all those text on screen makes me wanna run over all the Canadian geese that’s been shitting my neighborhood.

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